“A fascinating book, with lots of snippets that you’ll want to read out to anyone who happens to be nearby (‘Did you know…?’)…special mention should be made of the book’s beautiful presentation and design, using the Suffragettes’ distinctive colours, adding to the pleasure of reading it.”

Debbie Young’s Book Blog  Read the full review here.

“…incidents in the struggle for women’s suffrage between 1907 and 1918…have been well researched and clearly recorded in this approachable and fully illustrated book. Lucienne Boyce has contextualised the Bristol campaign against wider events as they unfolded nationally, and provided short biographies of all the key figures. The only notable commemorative sign of the Bristol campaign now is the blue plaque on Annie Kenney’s house in Clifton, but this book includes a fold-out Suffragette walking tour of the city which draws this and other important sites together. The whole volume is attractively designed and comprehensively illustrated with archive photographs. Highly recommended.”

Steve Poole, The Regional Historian, Summer 2013

“The Bristol Suffragettes is a very nicely put together and accessible book…It also includes a foldout map offering a walk around the Clifton area to take in some of the buildings of suffragette significance, as well as lots of appendices with timelines, biographies and further reading suggestions. A very neat resource.” 

Read the full review on Madam J-Mo’s blog.

“Packed with detail, photos and research, this is also an outstanding example of book production with a generous use of white space, pleasing layout, good quality paper (so that even old photos look crisp) and a fold out map of the walk…When the average paperback retails at £8 this is exceptionally good value at £11.99.”

Read the full review of the walk and the book on Ali Bacon’s blog.

“Comprehensive and immensely readable. It would be a terrific resource for anyone studying the subject at any level. The general reader – especially if they know the Bristol area or are planning visit – will enjoy the storytelling, the photographs (so well presented on top quality paper) and the guided walk included in the back, offering the opportunity to follow the suffragettes on a walk around the city.”

Suzie Grogan, Presenter, Talking Books, 10 Radio. Read the full review, and listen to my interview with Suzie Grogan on Talking Books, on Suzie Grogan’s blog, No More Wriggling Out of Writing.

“…an excellent book…The Bristol Suffragettes by Lucienne Boyce is a clear and readable account of the national and local struggle. It also includes a walk, with map, around some places in Bristol connected with suffragette history.”

Eugene Byrne, Bristol Times, 17 September 2013. Read Eugene’s feature on the campaign in Bristol and The Bristol Suffragettes online here.